Push/Pull Brake and Accelerator

Mechanical push/pull hand controls are an ideal solution for someone with an impaired leg function. As the name indicates, the device is pulled back to accelerate and pushed forward to apply the brake, enabling a smooth and effortless operation of the foot pedals. The systems are designed primarily for vehicles fitted with an automatic gearbox and can, if required, feature indicators, wipers, horn and dip main beam functions.


Accelerator Ring and Push Brake

The electronic over and under ring accelerators are one of the most advanced driving adaptations available. It provides a light and non-tiring acceleration control with a positive and comfortable response. The system is designed not only to operate effortlessly but also to blend in with the car interior, producing that original equipment feel. The accelerator ring can be fitted to most cars and is available in two versions; one version controls via an electro-mechanical system and the other is completely electronic, interfacing seamlessly with the vehicles original fly-by-wire system.


Pedal Guards/Hinged Pedals

When driving with hand controls it maybe necessary to stop the accidental operation of the pedals or the trapping of feet or prosthetic limps under the pedals.

Pedal guards come in two sizes to cover all or only one of the car pedals and incorporates a quick release mechanism to allow the foot guard to be quickly removed and replaced.

There is an alternative to pedal guards and that is the hinged accelerator, which means the accelerator pedal can be flipped out of the way while driving with hand controls or flipped down for an able bodied driver. This option is only available where the accelerator pedal comes out of the bulk head and not hinged at the floor (organ pedal style).


Trigger/Satellite Accelerator and Brake

The electronic trigger throttle control is based around the already successful single lever push pull hand control system and gives an excellent degree of car control with virtually no fatigue to the driver making it ideally suited to those wishing to drive long distances. The accelerator of the vehicle is controlled by the trigger portion of the controls handle which can be operated with just a few grams force giving a light and responsive feel when driving the vehicle. The brake is operated in the same manner a conventional push pull hand controls, by pushing the handle forward, this gives light and responsive control of the car’s brakes.

The satellite accelerator has many unique features which make it a pleasure to use. It is suitable to be fitted to most vehicles and is offered in either fully electronic or electro-mechanical versions. Since the unit is hand-held, all functions, such as air bag and secondary controls mounted on the steering wheel, are retained for use. The power to the satellite accelerator is also cut when the brake is applied. The vehicle can also be driven conventionally if required.


Radial Accelerator and Brake

The radial brake and accelerator is another variation of the push-pull brake and accelerator. In this instance, instead of pushing to brake and pulling to accelerate, the lever works on the principle of push to brake, and pivot downwards to accelerate. This design is beneficial for persons that struggle to pull the lever to accelerate.

Handle/Lever Ancillary Controls
We are able to put certain ancillary controls on the handle/lever of the hand controls, the most common being the indicator switch. Other controls are the dip/main beam and the horn. These are placed around the handle for easy access with either a finger or thumb to operate, depending if at all possible to the individual needs.